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As a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Purley, we work with a range of local clients. Our larger clients are limited companies, usually using either Xero or Free Agent, and we provide a full range of services to these businesses. We provide tax and accounting advice throughout the year, with phone and email support and regular face to face meetings. The advantage of having these clients using Xero or Free Agent is that we can access the same data from different locations and as a result issues can be resolved quickly and easily. For these businesses we would normally do VAT returns, organise their payroll, prepare their company accounts and tax returns. We would also do the personal tax returns for each of the directors. If more specialist advice is required, particularly in the area of tax, these services are provided as and when required.

We also work with smaller companies, typically a limited company where most of the fee income is generated by a single shareholder/director. Contact with such clients would mainly be in the form of phone and email support, but there would be at least one annual meeting where issues relating to the business would be discussed. These clients would either use Xero or Free Agent or Excel to detail their business activity.

We also prepare accounts for the self employed and partnerships which would typically consist of a single tax return under self assessment. As with all clients however, phone and email support is always available.

With the growth of the buy to let market in particular, we have a number of landlords as clients who require an annual tax return under self assessment and ongoing advice with regard to the impact of any tax changes on their business.

Our work is always provided on a fixed fee basis. We provide a quote at the outset and unless there are any significant unforeseen changes to the scope of the work, of which we would advise you, that quote will remain unchanged.